A girl can dream: Parisian apartment by Joseph Dirand

A girl can dream: Parisian apartment by Joseph Dirand

How beautiful life would be when you have the privilege to live in this 19th century apartment in Paris, designed by the great Joseph Dirand.

If you know the story behind this masterpiece, it's even better! 

Suddenly an Eastern European lady inherit two apartments on the iconic Avenue Montaigne. The two apartments became one for the total of 600 square meter of dream house material.

The owner gave Dirand carte blanche for this place, yes, you heard this right,
CARTE BLANCHE AND... wait for it... (almost) NO BUDGET. 
Can you imagine? A dream for every architect, designer or stylist!

Just so you know, there's a bit of the project 'made in Belgium'! Kitchen is from Obumex and the marble is from Van Den Weghe.

And before I forget, spicy detail, rumor was going that the owner only visited once since the apartment was finished in 2014. I am writing this sentence with a most painful face expression. If only I was her!

For this post, it's obligated to click on the photos to watch all this beauty in their full glory.

PS: the man in the pictures is Joseph Dirand.

interior design by Joseph Dirand
photography by Martin Morell

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